Overview and donation

Organization Overview

We are an organization that supports children in Southeast Asian orphanages,shelters and slums. These children bear various kinds of harsh pasts abandonment, neglect,parental abuse, child labor and many others. Yet, children anywhere in the world have the same right to live,and adults all over the world have a duty to support them.These children cannot eat their full and do not even have pencils or notebooks,but they do not forget to smile and always strive to live with all they have.
We want to create a more brilliant future by supporting the current lives of children.

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Organizational Mission

In order to support children’s current lives, we periodically provide food and study materials while also providing lots of interaction so that we may take care of their hearts as well as their bodies. Moreover, we improve their environment by preparing classrooms, toilets, showers, water supplies and many other facilities. Our greatest goal is the healthy independence of these children. So that they may work and build a happy family. So that they may contribute to the development of society. In order to do this,our activities also include various projects aimed at promoting future independence such as the construction of job training facilities, English and Japanese education, and the provision and manufacture of agricultural tools.


Our Activities

Let us introduce our activities for the year 2015. The majority of donations we received from you supported the purchase of food and study tools. The distribution of funds for various projects is shown below.


Periodic provision of rice, seasoning and study tools to children in Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.


Provision of soccer balls and volleyballs, along with accompanying instruction, to children in Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

job training

Construction of job training facilities in Cambodian orphanages.

Laos elementary schools

Construction of water supply equipment and water tanks in Laos elementary schools.

Distribution of clothing

Distribution of clothing to children in Cambodia and Laos.

language instruction

Provision of English and Japanese language instruction and materials to orphanages
in Cambodia and Thailand.

Study landscape

Construction of study rooms in Cambodian orphanages.

HIV treatment

Provision of farming tools to HIV treatment facilities and orphanages in Thailand.

Cambodian orphanages

Toilet and shower facilities to Cambodian orphanages.

intellectual training

Research on and provision of intellectual training for Thai children with mental disabilities.

Cambodian slums

Distribution of clothing and daily necessities to Cambodian slums.

First again this year is our most fundamental activity - the periodic provision of food and study tools. We are also pushing for the enrichment of education and job training.
Children that are abandoned, abused or uneducated do not have confidence. It is terribly sad to hear them say, “I don’t have parents and I’ve never gone to school so I don’t care about my future.”
What is absolutely necessary for these children is affection and education. Affection leads to confidence.Education leads to independence.
So that these children may eat,study and play happily. So that they may work, raise families, contribute to society and become kind people that can go on to help many others.
In addition to lots of interaction,these children also need many study materials and teachers. Schools and job training facilities need to be built. Factories and companies where many of the graduates can work in the future are necessary too. We do not have the power to do this alone. We ask for your help so that these children do not lose their precious lives and can venture out with confidence into society.

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